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Under the current COVID-19 pandemic, travel into New Zealand is significantly constrained due to closed borders. However, under a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa Immigration New Zealand have made some allowances which recognise exceptional circumstances warranting travel into New Zealand and allowing a stay between 6 - 12 months. IIC will be able to assist you in the process of obtaining a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa and most importantly, handle this process in a time sensitive and professional manner as we acknowledge these are unprecedented times. 


You need to have the correct work visa in order to be legally employed in New Zealand. There are different thresholds which will determine whether or not you are eligible and for what period of time, such as; whether you have skills that are in urgent demand in New Zealand, or if your application can be supported by a New Zealand organisation for instance. At IIC we will be able to inform you about the latest government criteria and which type of work visa to apply for based on your individual circumstances. Different types of working visas can include; a talent visa, essential skills visa or a working holiday visa to name a few. 


Different types of Student Visas are available to those interested in studying in one of the most sought after study destinations in the world - New Zealand. IIC can help you in a very direct capacity with both student visa applications and with enrolment in a study programme. IIC has working relationships with  education providers and as such we are interested in discussing your options with you. Different study visas depend on the length of time, as well as the stage of study that you are in in determining which visa to apply for. Student Visa types that are possible to apply for for study programmes ranging over three months in length include; student visa, pathway student visa and the option of advising you of eligibility for a post-study work visa. 


If you are in the position to sponsor your overseas partner in acquiring a partnership visa to live, work and study in New Zealand, then you will need to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that your relationship is “genuine and stable”. The criteria for this can be explained to you by IIC as we are trained to advise you of the best way to proceed in order to meet the requirements as set out by Immigration New Zealand. Subject to the specific terms you are granted, you may be eligible to stay indefinitely New Zealand is part of your Partnership Visa. Partnership Visas can also be extended to dependent children aged 24 and under. 


Please be aware that Immigration New Zealand have suspended expressions of interest regarding SMC visas until further notice


In New Zealand, Residency can be granted to prospective residents who meet criteria which deems their qualifications and/or skills as desirable in contributing to wider economic growth and prosperity within the interests of New Zealand. The first stage of this involves an Expression of Interest and following this, you may be invited to apply for a Resident Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. The Skilled Migrant category recognises the benefits which New Zealand stands to gain from the skills and knowledge of non-New Zealanders as being assets to our nation in a number of capacities across a broad range of working sectors. IIC is able to provide you with the necessary guidance in how to proceed with this process and how to best showcase your skills in order to advance your application and be successful. 


Under special conditions if you meet the criteria of an Investor and are equipped to financially invest in New Zealand with a minimum of $3 Million NZD, then you may meet the requirements to obtain an Investor Visa and therefore, the potential for gaining residency in New Zealand. This process is a longer term investment and as such consists of ongoing steps, requiring checks to be performed. IIC can be an integral part of smoothing this process and ensuring that the overall transition into New Zealand is stress free by alleviating many of the barriers through the ongoing management of administration associated with an application, dealing with communication channels on your behalf (Immigration New Zealand), by advising you of your obligations and ensuring requirements are met or able to be with a long-term view of helping you. Additionally, assistance can be provided in linking you with local services you may require in your application process or in a longer term business capacity such as taxation. 





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